Wondering how safe nootropics are? Let’s educate you

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Wondering how safe nootropics are? Let’s educate you

If you stumbled on this website by chance and are getting to learn about nootropics for the first time, you will most probably want to know more about this all-talked about brain supplement. And if you came here to find out if nootropics are safe, you sure are in the right place.

Many people are debating if nootropics are actually safe owning to the fact that they have been proven to be very effective in boosting brain activities. Yes, nootropics can be safe when gotten from the right source. You might wonder what I mean by the right source.

It is no secret that some groups of people have gone ahead to produce other pills and label it nootropics. Some of these drugs promise magic and wonders in as quickly as one day of use. This lures many into making purchases from such people/websites.

This sometimes results in adverse side effects that may have a long term detrimental effect on health. But when nootropics supplements are gotten from a trusted brand, then you can be sure of what you are buying.

Dr. Corneliu Giugea, a Romanian neuropharmacologist fondly referred to as the father of modern nootropic cognitive enhancers comes to our aid in defining what a true nootropic should do.

Nootropic should:

  • Be neuroprotective – be able to protect the neurons while enhancing the performance of the brain.
  • Enhance memory function and learning – improve one’s ability to understand (cognition) and carry out more tasks that involve the brain.
  • Be as low as possible in toxicity and with no side effect.

This is basically what should determine if a nootropic supplement is safe or not.

Trying to determine which ingredients should be contained in a nootropic supplement would seem like trying to make up your mind on which VPN to go for. This is because everyone has an opinion of what should make up a nootropic supplement. Many times, they are right! As long as it does not contain harmful substances.

However, safe nootpropics are usually formulated with Cognizin and Synapsa.

How to determine if a nootropic supplement is safe

It should be non-addictive; meaning that you can decide to stop taking the supplement and not feel like someone trying to quit from hard drugs (withdrawal symptoms).

It should not have serious side effects for those who react to natural ingredients in general which is what good nootropics supplement are made of.

The brain boosting effect should build up gradually. Think of a nootropic supplement as a brain optimizer and not something that would turn you into a genius overnight.

Comparing nootropics with smart drugs and cognitive enhancers

Smart drugs and cognitive enhancers here refer to substances contained in coffee and tea – caffeine and L-theanine. While these may be Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS), an overdose of it which is what is required to charge up the brain may not be safe. Caffeine in small quantity can actually keep the body alert, but an overdose of it may alter vascularity, blood pressure or other bodily functions. Nootropics, on the other hand, do not have these effects on an individual.

Important safety tips about nootropics use

One thing about life is that it must be lived with some sort of caution. Yes, we are advised to eat more of vegetables and fruits if we are to live a healthy life and live long. This advice is relative because one can actually decide to live on fruits and vegetables and still have health issues. A trip to the doctor might indicate that such a person is overeating fruits and vegetables. Funny isn’t it? That’s the irony of life!

How is this related to nootropics? You may ask. Well, just with everything else, there is always the need to apply caution and nootropics are no different.

Now there is a certain group of people that shouldn’t use nootropics just yet. If they must use it, it must be taken sparingly. These are people whose brain is still developing. The brain keeps developing until about age 23 to 25. It is advisable not to take anything that would alter the development rate of the brain at this stage.

Does this mean that students cannot take nootropic supplements to enhance their learning capability? No, students can take it but only sparingly. This means that instead of taking it on daily basis, students can take it once or twice a week. At this rate, the brain would not feel like it’s being forced to develop quickly.

Those above the stipulated age bracket are free to abide with the daily dosage instruction.

It is important to state that nootropic supplements are dose-dependent. This means that the effect nootropics has on a person is usually as a result of how often it is taken. If you are starting new with nootropics, you might want to try out its effect on your brain first. You do this by starting with little doses at a time. If a nootropics supplement is advised to be taken daily, you can start by taking it two or three times a week and observe its effect on you. If you are satisfied with the effect it has on your brain in boosting productivity and creativity, you may want to stick to that dosage and not go higher.

Do note that the effects nootropics have on people like vitamins are not automatic – anything that promises such on the body is usually dangerous – but you should notice some difference in productivity and creativity after a month use. The effect usually builds up between 30 – 90 days.

For people that are generally in good health, nootropics should not have any adverse effect on them. For those starting out newly, a slight headache or at worse stomach upset could be experienced.

Hopefully, we have been able to shed light on whether nootropics are safe or not. No need to live in fear anymore!

But whatever you do, whenever you make up your mind to go for nootropics always make sure you go with websites that sell genuine nootropics supplement. Here’s toasting to your optimal health!


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