Oxiracetam 30 x 750mg

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It has both the “all-round” effect and more stimulatory properties. It is best for those that work and wish to go the extra mile. It is also good for students working on a tough project.

It has the same effect as the Piracetam but gives you that extra push.


Oxiracetam has many benefits and increases memory and learning in some individuals. A study conducted on post-concussion syndrome showed that in comparison to Piracetam, Oxiracetam was more effective in preventing memory loss.

For improved cognitive ability, Oxiracetam stimulates choline uptake and increases cellular ATP for more efficient acetylcholine uptake. It is also used for mild to moderate dementia as it improves attention and concentration.

This drug is also known to have neuro-protective capabilities. It is also known to work as a potent stimulant and protect against brain damage.


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