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Everyone wants to operate at optimum capacity. Whether your brain does not function properly due to stress or the unhealthy lifestyle we choose to engage in, Or if you just want to get that extra edge, you can look at Nootropics as your unfair advantage.

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In case you are new to the term nootropics, they are basically drugs that contain compounds that help the brain to function at peak cognitive health. Depending on which nootropic you take some  enhance  social anxiety, sleep deprivation, reaction time, even motivation and articulation.

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Improved memory retention for short & long-term, Substantial decrease in social anxiety. Boosted motivation & Faster thought articulation.

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Some may not consider it a nootropic, but it sure does give your brain that extra boost it calls for. It does not come with the physical addiction that other prescription drugs come with.

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The effects of Noopept are easily recognized. Noopept is typically considered to be 1,000x as potent as Piracetam. Noopept helps with better memory improvement, but does not aid articulation as much as other nootropics such as Piracetam.

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This is most suitable for creative people. It works like Piracetam but with a little twist- More fluid & clearer thoughts
Aids in articulation More motivation
Mild memory improvement

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Available Both in Powder & Capsule form.

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It has both the “all-round” effect and more stimulatory properties. It is best for those that work and wish to go the extra mile. It is also good for students working on a tough project.
It has the same effect as the Piracetam but gives you that extra push.

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Where to Buy Nootropics? 

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