Find out the different studies that confirm BrainPill's various ingredients work in promoting good brain function..

Any food supplement manufacturer can easily claim that its product works. Whether it is for weight loss or for keeping certain body function in tip-top condition, a food supplement can be advertised as being effective. However, not all manufacturers have a product that is backed by numerous clinical studies. BrainPill is one of those few health supplements that have been found to really work by various researches. BrainPill is designed to keep you mentally sharp and alert. It boosts memory, improves cognitive function, and enhances alertness well into your senior years. It has an impressive line-up of all-natural ingredients that have been found effective in supporting brain health. Below are some of the ingredients of BrainPill and the respective studies supporting their effectiveness in enhancing the overall good function of the brain:


Huperzine One of the essential ingredients of BrainPill is Huperzine, which stimulates the brain neurons to enhance concentration even in people who have been suffering from memory loss. Experts such as Alan Kozikowski, a professor at Georgetown Institute of Cognitive Science and Dr. Alan Mazurek, a neurologist at the Mercy Medical Center, say that the ingredient can improve memory and boost learning. The two say that the ingredient stimulates the neurons in the brain to promote optimum function of that part of the body.


Cognizin is another ingredient that supports proper brain function by increasing brain energy. A landmark study by researchers from Harvard University and conducted at McLean Hospital in Boston, MA looked into the effects of this ingredient on middle-aged individuals. The study showed that Cognizin caused a 14 percent increase in brain energy of study participants. The researchers said that it promotes brain metabolism by increasing the production of neurotransmitters in the brain, which in turn promotes good memory and cognitive skills.

Gingko Biloba

Gingko Biloba is an ingredient that has long been used in many food supplements. As an ingredient in BrainPill, it is known to help in preventing brain deterioration and promoting increased supply of blood glucose and oxygen to the brain. Studies have confirmed that Gingko Biloba really works. One study had 80 women in Germany supplemented with the ingredient. An hour later, they exhibited significant improvement in their short term memory. There was also a study done involving 200 patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The study, conducted in New York, revealed that Gingko Biloba supplementation improved the mental performance of the patients after six months.

Vitamin B12

This has long been known to promote healthy nerves and red blood cell production. It is also part of BrainPilll because it can prevent the brain from shrinking with age. Like the other ingredients, there have been numerous studies showing how Vitamin B12 works in promoting good brain function. One study conducted by experts from the University of Oxford showed that people with low levels of the vitamin were susceptible to poor memory and cognition because of loss of brain volume. Other ingredients of BrainPill such as Tyrosine (improved focus), L-Theanine (better memory) and Panthothenic acid (brain power) have all been proven effective in separate studies. These ingredients all work together to make BrainPill one of the best food supplements in the market today.