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  • Less brain fog, always alert and sharp
  • Enhanced memory retention for short and long-term
  • Better vocabulary recollection
  • Boosted motivation
  • Faster thought articulation
  • Less social anxiety
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It has both the “all-round” effect and more stimulatory properties. It is best for those that work and wish to go the extra mile. It is also good for students working on a tough project.

It has the same effect as the Piracetam but gives you that extra push.

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This is most suitable for creative people. It works like Piracetam but with a little twist-

  • Clearer and more fluid thoughts
  • Easy articulation
  • More motivation Mild memory improvement


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Similar to Modafanil without the prescription or hefty price tag .It sure does give your brain that extra boost it calls for. It does not come with the physical addiction that other prescription drugs come with.

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Everyone wants to operate at optimum capacity. Whether your brain does not function properly due to stress or the unhealthy lifestyle we choose to engage in, Or if you do just want to get that extra edge, you can look at Nootropics as your unfair advantage.

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And just in case you are new to the term nootropics, they are basically drugs that contain compounds that help the brain to function at peak cognitive health. Depending on which nootropic you take some  enhance  social anxiety, sleep deprivation, reaction time, even motivation and articulation.

Already, you can find enough information about these nootropics all over this website. However, today, we are looking into some nootropics that will give you that much-needed boost without putting you in harm’s way.

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Piracetam This is the first nootropic drug that has been well researched and found to be effective in improving cognitive abilities.

It is known to protect against age-related neurological degradation, enhance memory, protect the brain after an injury, fight depression, relieve anxiety and only has mild side effect even when taken in extreme doses.

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When starting out with Piracetam, you should start with 1.5 to 6.5g per day. It should be taken between 1 to 3 doses. Research shows that for cognitive enhancement, 4.8g daily is very effective.


Piracetam is among the few nootropics that have high toxicity level. Research shows that even with 4.5g per pound, this drug presented no serious toxic effect when tried in animals. Daily doses of 8g in humans showed only few health problems. It has not been shown to have any effect on pregnant women.

Adrafinil  If you are looking for a smart drug that will help you to stay alert and focused without the harmful amphetamine-like effects contained in Adderall, then this is your go-to pill.

Adrafinil is also great for wading off mental fatigue and sleep deprivation. It has also been proven to aid reaction time and improve short-term memory.

The body converts Adrafinil to modafinil when consumed. According to a study carried out on some military personnel who had been working for 64 hours without sleep and were administered Adrafinil, the result showed that this drug can enhance performance and help reduce cognitive decline in the military personnel used for the study.

The best part is that it does not have the addiction potential of amphetamine-based drugs such as Adderall.


This drug should be taken in 300mg per day and can be increased gradually over time. Just be on alert and watch how your body reacts to it. It is best not to take it on a daily basis.

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If you are taking Adrafinil, it is advised that you take it with milk thistle to protect against an increase in liver enzymes. People with liver problems, women on oral contraceptives or those with heart problems should not take Adrafinil.

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Oxiracetam has many benefits and increases memory and learning in some individuals. A study conducted on post-concussion syndrome showed that in comparison to Piracetam, Oxiracetam was more effective in preventing memory loss.

For improved cognitive ability, Oxiracetam stimulates choline uptake and increases cellular ATP for more efficient acetylcholine uptake. It is also used for mild to moderate dementia as it improves attention and concentration.

This drug is also known to have neuro-protective capabilities. It is also known to work as a potent stimulant and protect against brain damage.

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From tests carried out, it has been indicated that 3 – 30 mg/kg of Oxiracetam with 100mg/kg is the maximum dose that can be taken daily. The recommendations are 800mg to 2400mg daily between 1 to 3 doses. You can always start with lesser doses when starting out. And you can always Buy nootropics or buy nootropics online since Nootropics for sale can be gotten from our website links.


When tested on rats, Oxiracetam showed no adverse effect on rats with 1 g/kg. However, do note that racetams can cause nausea, headaches and unrest when taken in high doses. Except on doctor’s prescription, you should stick to the recommended dosage when taking this drug.

Aniracetam is one of the Nootropics for sale that is known to enhance cognitive abilities and promote increased learning.

It is a fast acting and potent racetam that promotes healthy memory formation by promoting synaptic formation in the brain. Aniracetam also enhances neuroplasticity and neuroprotection.

In young adults, this drug supports overall mood and helps those suffering from sleep irregularities, anxiety or depression.

For geriatric patients who are suffering from cerebrovascular insufficiency, Aniracetam has been shown to reverse memory impairment caused by clonidine.


It is recommended that Aniracetam is taken in a daily dose of 1 to 4 sittings preferably after a meal. Depending on the individual, the dosage ranges from 750mg to 4500mg. for the treatment of dementia, the recommendation is around 1.5g per day.


When tested on mice, doses of 3.6g to 4.5g per kg did not increase liver enzyme levels. When taken in extreme doses, patients complained of unrest, headaches, nausea, anxiety, vertigo or rash.

There you have our 4 top picks for the best nootropics to help you in getting your brain to work optimally at all times.

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